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Visite.org 74000 Annecy (Haute-Savoie)
Annecy is the capital of the Haute-Savoie, boasting the only heritage of its kind in France. Stroll along the flower-bedecked banks of the river Thiou to explore the painted walls of buildings constructed in the Middle Ages. Renaissance houses (Hôtels de Charmoisys, and Bagnorea), streets with arcades (rue Saint-Claire) which shelter art and craft galleries, a famous flea market (every last Saturday of the month) and last, but not least, the many bridges which may justify a certain resemblance to Venice or Bruges.
Le Palais de l’Ile, like a stone ship which has ploughed the water for 800 years, is today a museum but was once home to the local lord before becoming a prison. Perrière gate leads to the Château from where you have a view over the lake and alpine peaks. The Impérial, a restored luxury hotel houses the casino and brings a touch of the Riviera to the town.

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  • Nouvel Hôtel 37 Rue Vaugelas 74000 Annecy начиная с 55.00 &евро;

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  • Hôtel des Alpes 12 Rue De La Poste 74000 Annecy начиная с 61.00 &евро;

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  • Séjours & Affaires Annecy Le Pont Neuf 8 Rue Du Rond Point 74960 Annecy начиная с 73.00 &евро;

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  • Appart'Hotel Le Splendid 2 avenue des Bains 38580 Allevard

  • Résidence Le Hameau du Mottaret Méribel Résidence Le Hameau du Mottaret Méribel 73550 Les Allues

  • Résidence Odalys Les Chalets d'Evian Impasse du Tir aux Pigeon 74500 Évian-les-Bains

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